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Cold Steel Bushman Hollow Handle Survival Knife Review

The Cold Steel Bushmanhas been in my possession for quite some timenow.Publishing the review has been delayed over and over again, in most part due to my own mixed feelings over this iconic knife. Traditionally, I tend to pick up a knife and I can have a general idea of how it will perform, whether its a solid buy, etc., but with the Bushman, one year laterandI am still just as indecisive as I was before. The longer I own it, the more I am torn.

As a side note, if we werent so formal about our titles, we wouldve named this one The review in which I quite literally bled all over the product. Just thought itd be good to mention as a little heads up.

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DIY How To Build A Solar Powered Ham-O-Can Radio Go Box


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A little while back, one of the fans on our Patreon page suggested that there wasnt a good how to on the internet on building a Radio Go Box. What is a radio go box? Simply put, it is a radio in some sort of enclosure that is self powered that you can take out into the field for radio communications. Sensing a challenge, my wheels began to turn. I decided that Id take a crack at designing and building a radio go box and turn it into a tutorial that would be as easy as I could make it for others to follow. Not leaving well enough alone, I also wanted the go box to to be more versatile than others that I have seen. I also wanted to make several different types to service different modes of communication.

This first go box, or Ham-O-Can as I am calling it, is a GMRS radio built into a ammo can. It uses the Midland Micro Mobile, a really interesting GMRS radio that differs from the usual walkie talkie/HT in that it runs at 5 watts and has an antenna connector instead of a permanent antenna, allowing formuch better antennas than the usual rubber duckie (like the N9TAX). We will be covering the Micro Mobile in another video and also how to make the most out of GMRS. I also wanted the box to do more. In the case of this box, it can also charge two simultaneous USB devices as well as a 12 volt device, like the walkie talkies you are communicating to. I also wanted to have a few options for recharging the device. The first choice in the field was solar, and it has a charge controller built in to which Id suggest to charge it with something like the Renogy 20 Watt panel. But what happens if you wanted to pre-charge it before you leave on an expedition? You can also charge it with a 12 volt battery charger, or use a male to male cigarette lighter adapter to charge it from your car.

Lastly, I wanted to make it as easy to build as possible. While this isnt the absolute easiest project weve ever tackled, if you can cut a few pieces of wood, crimp on a few wire connectors, and operate a screw gun, you can probably do it. Check out this video on how to build your own Ham-O-Can. Below are the links mentioned in the video, the schematics, instructions, templates, and parts list.

Template- scanned to be printed on 8.5x1 paper

Template-scanned to be printed on 8.5x14 paper

Instructions, Schematics, and Parts List HERE


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Learn How to Tie a Clove Hitch in 30 seconds

Clove Hitch featured image

Watch this 30 second video to learn and master the Clove Hitch. Itll become the most valuable knot you use.

The Clove Hitch would be the most commonly used knot to secure a rope to an anchor point such as a tree branch, pole or trailer railing and is the most important of the knots for camping. The addition of an extra half hitch around the rope in tension is sometimes useful, especially when using slippery rope.

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Is There A Cashless Society In Our Future?

April 13, 2016, by Ken JorgustinPrint


I believe that there is a possibility that the

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DHS Scrubbed Terrorist Watch List to Protect Civil Rights of suspected Islamic Terrorist Groups

March 2, 2016

It seems Political Correctness has once again trumped the safety of Americans, as a newly released government document shows that the Department of Homeland Security is scrubbing the Terrorist Watch List to make it look like we dont have a problem with Islamic Terrorism in the United States.

DHS Sign

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Weird Tips You Can Use To Save Money On Survival Food

So you want to save money on survival food.

Well youre not the only one. Buying emergency survival food you might not touch for years and years for a crisis is a daunting task.

Keep this in mind though, even ifit might not seem practical to spend money on survival food the writing is on the wall. Things in the U.S. and in the world are going from bad to worse.

Now is the time to to get prepared. Now is the time to start buying survival food for the very real possibility of total collapse.

One of the biggest concerns people have ishowto getsurvival food at a good price.

Food prices right now are expensive enough already, so how do you save money for big purc

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Vasaloppet - the Vasa Race

This entry was posted on November 25, 2014 by Naimakka.

Vasaloppet - the Vasa Race

Already now all over Sweden people are donning their ski boots and polishing their cross-country skiis. Getting ready for winter, ski season, and the culmination of all of this into Vasaloppet.

As the biggest cross-country ski event in the world, Vasaloppet is something most Swedish people would brag about, and one of the main outdoor events for the winter season.

Vasaloppet, literally translated to the Vasa Race, is a Swedish annual cross-country ski race to commemorate the flight of former king Gustav Vasa I from Christian the Tyrant, and the route he travelled to get away in the year of 1520. It is also by this route that he met the people who would help him rebel against the tyrant king, put him on the throne and begin creating the kingdom of Sweden as it is today. So for no unclear reason, the Vasaloppetis one of the greatest annual events in Sweden, and stands strong within our tradition. Every school kid gets to hear and learn about the rise of one of our nations greatest kings, and how he escaped and the route he took to avoid what is known as the Stockholm Bloodbath.

gustav vasa

Vasaloppetitself is the oldest, longest and boasts the largest number of participants of any cross-country ski race in the world. Its been held annually since 1922 and is 90 kilometres long. Over a period of almost 100 years now the winning time has been shaved from 7 hours 32 minutes (1922) to 3 hours 38 minutes (2012).

Of course, its not only for athletes. There are many different versions of the race, open to anyone who enjoys the wintery outdoors. A youth race that ranges between 3 to 9 kilometres, one exclusively for women, and many more. There is plenty of incentive for people to don their ski-gear, brave the rough Nordic winter weather and start working hard in preparation of the beginning of March and the event of the year that is Vasaloppet.

The beginning of March and the end of winter, which right now as you know, is coming.